Alankar Ale was born and raised at Imphal, Manipur. He's currently a Mechanical Engineering student under Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, Karnataka. He's an occasional writer. When it comes to blogging, he generally writes about personal blog. Perhaps of his own experiences or maybe not. However, its all about fiction.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

After a Year.

 After Riya left, I tried to search her in social networking sites like facebook, orkut and whatsoever. There was no single day i did not looked for her. But in the end, the result was unchanging. She was no where to be found. Then i realized it was time to move on. It was not the easiest thing to get over her. Although I did.                                                                                                                    
It was June,2011. I had done well in my 1oth board exams. I was glad that i didn't screw up. Mom and Dad was equally happy. So basically, life was good.

"Any plans today??" Harish texted me.
"No. why?" i replied
It was the time when free messages and reasonably affordable SMS pack hit the Country untill facebook or whatsapp overtook our life. Harish was my closest and only friend i had in high school.
"Cool. come home. soon." he texted.
"Why?? " i asked.
"Just come."
"Fuck you. okay."
"lol..fuck you.  :-D"

Harish was all dressed up when i reached his home. And i was not surprised to see him like this. He had always been smart and well dressed. Unlike me. He had this girlfriend, Ruchika.. whom he had been going out for a year. Apparently Ruchika's parents were strict, and she was not allowed to go out with boys. So she had to bring her friend on a date. That's why Harish had called me, to accompany his date's companion. I hated to do this. But to argue with Harish is like way out. He gets way too emotional and eventually convinces me. Everytime. This was no different. I went with him anyway.
We reached the place a little early than the scheduled time.  It was a park located at the heart of the Imphal city. Though its a small city, all of its attraction are from nature. No wonder they call it as The Switzerland of India. Anyway..my point is we did not have much choices then, other than the park. But i love my city. Period.

We were walking around the park. Harish and Ruchika had left us way behind them. The awkward silence did not keep going long. Surprisingly, she was very friendly, and i guess thats why i was able to talk to her. Anyway She was tall, the first thing i noticed about her. The pink top and blue jeans she wore made her look sexy. Her curly hair and the fair complexion adds gorgeousness. And morever she was fun, carefree and absolutely charming. She was beautiful. I liked her. So much.
She was saying something about Ruchika which i really don't remember. Perhaps i wasn't tuning in to her or maybe i was appreciating her conversation noiselessly. Anyway i truly don't recollect much about that day. The next thing i recall is we were with Harish and Ruchika. And the time had come to go. So we finally exchanged our numbers. And soon they were gone. I missed her.

I hoped to see her soon. :)                    


  1. I love reading your stories. Quite entertaining.

  2. Thanks for reading Victoria :-) . Means a lot.

  3. nice blogg..and good stories,

  4. Please keep writing like this. You are good