Alankar Ale was born and raised at Imphal, Manipur. He's currently a Mechanical Engineering student under Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, Karnataka. He's an occasional writer. When it comes to blogging, he generally writes about personal blog. Perhaps of his own experiences or maybe not. However, its all about fiction.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

And I love her

It was Sunday. Although ironically, It wasn't a sunny day. I could see the dull mists and feel the frosty outside air through my window. I turned off my alarm. I woke up even before the alarm rang anyway. Usually, at 10 am on Sunday morning, I would still be on my bed. But this was not just another day. I had been fantasizing this day for four months now. I was really glad that the hold up was over and was literally amped up for the day. Actually, it was a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. I really wanted the First Date with Aastha to be perfect.

Aastha flew down to Bangalore just a week earlier. She had scored some extremely good marks in her twelveth exam. She had always been the most intelligent between us. Was it a coincidence that she also happens to be here in Bangalore? I still really don't know, Although I might have recommended a couple of times. Well apparently, Her parents chose the college to study Medicines here at Bangalore University. Anyway, She was equally excited about our first date. She, in fact, wanted to see me just after the day she landed. However, It took time to settle there at her hostel.

I took a hot shower promptly. I had to see her in an hour. I wore a shirt which she had gifted, to make her vibe great.  I settled my hairdo in no time. I recheck my wallet and calculated it mentally if it's enough or not. When I was all done, I looked the mirror for the last time. I could see my eyes had turned red, Probably because I could not sleep last night.

I could hear the music nonchalantly until the cab driver turned it loud. The song was Arijith's sukoon mila. Aaah! the perfect song I thought. The cold numbing air hit my face through the half-opened window. I could feel the goosebumps on my arms. Ohh How I love the climate of this city. I was on my way to Lumbini Garden. Earlier that night, I had googled some not so overpriced places for couples to hang out. I found this Place reasonable and moreover its very close to her place. I told Aastha to meet me there. 

"Siddarth!!" She called out and was waving at me when I got out from the cab. She had reached the place before me. 

Hey, You look beautiful babe." I said assuredly. She indeed looked amazing. She wore a white top with a matching earring and jeans. She had a hint of mascara in her eyes, which I was crazy about. 

She blushed. "Nice shirt." She winked at me.
"Oh yes, Thank you Aastha" I winked back at her.
"You're late by the way. Do you know how much do I have to wait here alone?" 

I didn't say anything. I looked at her with a blameworthy look.

"I am kidding. I reached here just five minutes before you." She said and laughed.

The place was beautiful. I could see most of the people here are couples. Just some of them are with their families. We were walking alongside the wonderful lake it has, with Aastha's hand on my arm.  We halted at the coffee shop. We ordered a few cakes and espresso. I sat right next to her. We had a really good heart to heart conversation that we relatively lost the time track. It had been an hour we sat at the coffee shop.

"Are you scared of heights?" she asked.  
"Umm err..No. Why?" I questioned her with a perplexed look. 
"Nothing. Let's go," she said pointing towards the merry-go-round to the side of the park. She must have seen when we were at the coffee shop.

"No way," I exclaimed in a fear.

Anyway, after few minutes I eventually had to go with her. We were on the ride of the merry-go-round.  She had to hold my hand so tightly and was screaming which was inaudible to me. I was in my own predicament. I found out that I had a fear of heights that day. Whereas the people screaming and crying made me more frightened. Fortunately, It wasn't that too long. Probably because It was going to rain. I could feel the tiny drops of rain on me.  We got down as soon as it stopped. I looked at Astha. She had some tears in her eyes and her mascara was ruined. She had to apply it again. Then we laughed. Like anything happened. We booked a cab to go to get lunch for ourselves

I held Aatha's hand so tight and looked at her eyes. I could literally get lost in her eyes, that's how beautiful it is. We were close to the point that any tiny atoms can't go through. The incense of her wet hair made me tempt. I held by her waist and pulled towards mine. Now we could feel each other breath. I looked at her eyes, her pupils had dilated. We could hear the heavy rainfall on the roof of the cab which works in the intense ambiance. 

"Will you kiss me already?" She whispered in my ear.

"Uhh..huh" I nodded gently.

And in no time, My lips were pressing against her's. I could see the cab driver peeking through the rearview mirror. The wetness and the pulpiness of her lips were so tempting that I didn't have slightest of the bit to care. We kissed and we kissed and we kissed. After we were done, silence hovered.  I guess we both were capturing and living the moment. She kept her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

Are you asleep?" I asked.

"Yes," She answered instantly without opening her eyes.

"I love you Aastha."

"I love you too Siddharth." She said with a smile on her face.