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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Utterly Amazing Date.

My phone beeps for the 10th time. It was from Deepti. Though it had been just a week we started to text, i felt like i have known her from ages. So literally what i'm trying to say is we connected so well. Atleast i thought we were made for each other.

"where are you? are you out yet?" she messaged.
"Yeah..on my way." i replied.

No, I wasn't out yet. I was all the while settling my hairdo, rechecking if my shoes are spotless or not,and above all i was figuring the add up to be spent on the date, if its adequate or not. I had an extremely limited pocket money, Ohh wait..i still do. It was our first date and i wanted it to be a perfect. Deepti was this stunning girl which i really liked when i first saw her at the kind of twofold date with Harish and Ruchika. That is the reason i sent her a text that very day, I truly couldn't have cared less if its desperate or not. She replied in a split second anyway. So after a week and a countless messages we finally decided to meet.

She wore this blue puma tee with an ideal jeans which incredibly suits her. She looked absolutely amazing and may i say sexy. Her wavy hair clearly adds more exquitsiteness and her upright behaviour  includes appeal. Had in the event that it were for me, i would simply look at her all day and do nothing. My heart must have literally skipped a beat when i saw her again. We were in this same park where we met for the first time. This time was different. I was on a date with the most incredible girl i have ever seen. Thanks to Harish that he constrained me to come at his date to go with his date's buddy. It was all worth it.

 Deepti appeared to be all calm and confident all the time while i was hellfire parcel of nervousness and i can feel the sweat in my ass.  I don't know why, I had always been like this. We were sitting on the bench at the side of the park, holding hands. Also, to be honest it felt so right.

"So this is really fun. Try not to go to class rather go out on a date." she said and laughed.
"Why? did you miss any important class? I thought we both agreed to meet today"
"Its nothing like that Siddarth." she mocked at me.
"Anyway I just wanted to see you'. i said unobtrusively.
"Thats sweet". she said and smiled.

Now that was something. No girl had ever said to me that i was sweet, infact no girl had ever talked  so long with me. Let alone, Deepti. And i was in love with her. Somewhere close to our talks, we had a moment. I was looking directly at her eyes and so was she. It was wonderful. I leaned a little bit and so she did. I gave a peck on her cheek and so did she. And one thing led to another and we were kissing. It was beautiful. Her lips had this extreme softness and extraordinary abrasiveness which made me need to kiss her once more. So we kissed again. I never thought my first kiss would be this way, I had always imagined that it would be in a romantic place, in the nightfall or in the rain. But ofcourse life does not go as we planned. It throws us a little surprises. And I loved this surprise.

Deepti had been blushing all the while now. She looked so cute and adorable. I wished if i could stop the time just to be with her. It was her time to go. Her mom had been calling every five minutes now. Typical Indian mother. So finally we said we loved each other. We settled another date. We kissed.She blushed again. And she left. I missed her already.

I hoped to see her soon :)


  1. This is really Interesting. Looking forward to see more from you.

    1. Thankyou for reading. Yeah i'll be writing some more. :)

  2. Would love to know how did the love story end.

    1. Heyy Reema thanks for reading. Although I've written how it ends..Please visit my home page and click to the "So I have been dumped."

  3. Aww ... If a girl ever come to know that a guy is so much in head over heals in love with then I doubt she that she will ever want to part her ways from him..

    1. Yes,that is exactly what I'm trying to write. Thanks so much for reading Jagriti 😉

  4. Wow... interesting ! Would love to read more

  5. Lovely story. Enjoyed reading this. I would really love to read more from you. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey You guys thanks so much for your admiration and appreciation to my stories..Means a lot to me. I'm definitely bringing more of them.