Alankar Ale was born and raised at Imphal, Manipur. He's currently a Mechanical Engineering student under Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, Karnataka. He's an occasional writer. When it comes to blogging, he generally writes about personal blog. Perhaps of his own experiences or maybe not. However, its all about fiction.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

So I have been Dumped.

It was summer of 2011. Secondary school had quite recently begun. I was excited. It had been an excruciating two months holidays. I spent the vast majority of the days alone at home. Mom would be in a school, Sushant my sibling would likewise be at school. He was still at his eighth standard. And dad is constantly occupied with his work. Dad had bought me a large stack of the encyclopedia, I had gathered some DC and Marvel comics. So these aided in killing the time.

This was the time when my adolescence had struck at its best. My first cigarette, the First bottle of beer and numerous other first circumstances occurred in this period. Harish, Of course, was my partner in crime. The irony is,  he and I had precisely been telling that we won't do such things. Time does change eh? I wouldn't call it as peer pressure nor its a constrained. I simply needed to experience and a heap of curiosity it had. So I got little distracted.My friend circle expanded, the measure of cigarettes increased. I had the thought that its cool to fag, its alright to alcohol infrequently. At least we aren't addicts.

These things made me so bustling that I couldn't give time for Deepti. Deepti and I are going out for a large portion of a year now. We had several amazing dates. There were no spots at Imphal that we had not gone. Additionally, I got a second base(wink*). She had always been an understanding sweetheart, gave me space as much I needed. That was the thing that I really admired about her.She was great. Everything was great until I screwed up things. I got obsessed with all these little prominences among my friends. I even began to disregard her calls. She would send several messages which I couldn't have cared less to answer. Although some part of me knew it wasn't right and it might really hurt her.

  I reached this Nikheel cafe. Deepti had texted me to see her there. I could have ignored this too, hadn't been she specified it was urgent. She looked pissed off. I sat right opposite and looked at her. She wore this tops which I had gave for her birthday. She looked amazing.

 "Whats going on Sid? Do you care to explain?" She asked.
"What?" I asked with a great effort.
"Oh please don't give me that bullshit SIDDHARTH, you've been ignoring my calls nor you reply my messages. I just want to know why are you doing this?" She yelled.

I didn't react to that. Perhaps I didn't have anything to the state. She was coming clean at anyway.

"Or Is there someone else?"  She asked with a teary-eyed.

It's weird that how a man can catch a sight of elegance even in a sedate situation. She looked enchanted. Her soaked eyes looked beautiful. Her reddish cheek had turned into a ruby. As a consequence of witnessing this beauteousness, I had this sudden urge of kissing her.

"Arrey I love you Deeps, you know that. It's really that I have been acting immature and being thoughtless lately. I'm sorry I'm giving you a hard time. I'm sure I can make it right."
"Things cannot be fixed now Sid, I'm sorry. I called you because I needed to end this."
"What?." I asked if I heard it right.
"Yes," she said with full intent and left.
I didn't stop her either. what might I even say to her? I had no fucking explanation to give her.My phone beeped while I was all the while deducing what just happened. I so wanted this to be a dream. It was a text from Deepti.

"I'm sorry Sid. But you didn't give me a reason to stay either. I don't want me to put myself in the same pit again where I know it hurts. You literally don't have any idea how much I have been through. Don't try to stop me from leaving. It is the best thing to do. Hopefully for both of us. I'll call you if I change my mind. Bye Sid.😊. "

She never called. Sometimes, justifying a breakup is as impossible as justifying love.


  1. That was different - I rarely come across fiction blogs nowadays! Liking it!

    1. Hi Thanks for reading. You made my day.

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